Hebrew Tabernacle Social Action

Hebrew Tabernacle has a long history of commitment to social action efforts – from Civil Rights marches in the 60’s, to speaking out for social justice and the rights of immigrants across the nation and the world.  We believe that as stewards of Judaism this is part of what we do.

On this page, you will find resources and statements about the actions with which the Hebrew Tabernacle Congregation is involved. Please read, and join us!

Hebrew Tabernacle: Climate Justice through Tikkun Olam

Hebrew Tabernacle will join with the Jewish Climate Action Network of New York City, one of many partners in Faith 4 Climate Justice (faiths4climatejustice.org), to support the global Faith 4 Climate Justice events on October 17 and 18, 2021. 

Click the button below to read the full article and learn what you can do to participate.

Social Action
As Rabbi Eric Yoffie, said so eloquently in a speech to the UAHC Executive Committee, February 1998: “Reform Jews are committed to social justice. Even as Reform Jews embrace ritual, prayer, and ceremony more than ever, we continue to see social justice as the jewel in the Reform Jewish crown. Like the prophets, we never forget that God is concerned about the everyday and that the blights of society take precedence over the mysteries of heaven. A Reform synagogue that does not alleviate the anguish of the suffering is a contradiction in terms.” 

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