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The Hebrew Tabernacle Book Club, open to the community, meets on the second Wednesday evening of the month year-round, and is volunteer led.  We read a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, and have had local authors join us!

We welcome all for a light nosh, and guarantee lively discussion!

Come meet your neighbors, and join us to learn and exchange opinions about various Jewish issues.

Suggestions for books are appreciated. Please contact convener Susan Gellert (

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all book club meetings will be via Zoom.  Check back for updates.

Date Title Author Year Leader
6/8/2022 They Left It All Behind Hannah Hahn 2020 Sarah 
5/18/2022 Ethel Rosenberg Anne Sebba 2021 Ellen 
4/20/2022 Caste Isabel Wilkerson 2020 Marissa 
3/23/2022 The Hare With Amber Eyes Edmund De Waal 2011 Lois
2/9/2022 Apeirogon Colum McCann 2020 Tsila
1/12/2022 The Book of Lost Names Kristin Harmel 2020 Celia
12/8/2021 Concealed Esther Amini 2020 Tsila
11/17/2021 Being Heumann Judith Heumann 2020 Shelly
10/13/2021 Barren Island Carol Zoref 2017 Hilary
9/22/2021 The Nesting Dolls Alina Adams 2020 Lilia
8/11/2021 Mother Land Leah Franqui 2020 Marissa
7/14/2021 Florence Adler Swims Forever Rachel Beanland 2020 Rose Ellen
6/9/2021 The Last Kings of Shanghai Jonathan Kaufman 2020 Celia
5/12/2021 For You Mom, Finally Ruth Reichl 2009 Ellen
4/22/2021 Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor Yossi Klein Halevi 2018 Tsila
3/10/2021 Among the Living Jonathan Rabb 2016 Lois
2/10/2021 Serenade for Nadia Zülfü Livaneli 2011 Hilary
1/13/2021 The Last Watchman of Old Cairo Michael David Lukas 2018 Deb
12/9/2020 Tehran Children Mikhal Dekel 2019 Judith
11/11/2020 The Family Tabor Cherise Wolas 2018 Celia
10/14/2020 Spies of No Country Matti Friedman 2019 Tsila
9/16/2020 Such Good Girls R. D. Rosen 2014 Marissa
8/19/2020 The Color of Water James McBride 1995 Ellen
7/22/2020 Three Floors Up Eshkol Nevo 2015 Tsila
6/24/2020 Becoming Eve Abby Chava Stein 2019 Leah
5/27/2020 If All the Seas were Ink Ilana Kurshan 2017 Rebecca
4/29/2020 Violins of Hope James A. Grymes 2014 Susan
3/25/2020 Joshua: A Brooklyn Tale Andrew Kane 2011 Marissa
2/19/2020 A Remarkable Kindness Diana Bletter 2015 Tsila
1/15/2020 Shanghai Diary Ursula Bacon 2004 Lois
12/11/2019 Cilka’s Journey Heather Morris 2019 Celia
11/13/2019 Henna House Nomi Eve 2014 Susan
10/16/2019 Outwitting History Aaron Lansky 2004 Deb
9/25/2019 The Strangers We Became Cynthia Kaplan Shamash 2015 Marissa
8/21/2019 The Coffee Trader David Liss 2004 Lilia
7/31/2019 Nathan Englander 2019 Hilary
6/19/2019 Unorthodox Practices Marissa Piesman 1989 Amy
5/15/2019 Peony Pearl S. Buck 1948 Ellen
4/17/2019 The Nazi Officer’s Wife Edith Hahn Beer 1999 Susan
3/27/2019 The Jew Store Stella Suberman 1998 Judith
2/20/2019 The Fortuneteller’s Kiss Brenda Serotte 2006
1/23/2019 My Russian Grandmother and her American Vacuum Cleaner Meir Shalev 2011
12/19/2018 A Terrible Country Keith Gessen 2018
11/14/2018 The Mystics of Mile End Sigal Samuel 2015
10/24/2018 Snow in August Pete Hamill 1997
9/24/2018 The Cloister James Carroll 2017
8/27/2018 Young Jane Young Gabrielle Zevin 2017
7/25/2018 Gateway to the Moon Mary Morris 2018
6/18/2018 Ester and Ruzya: How my grandmothers survived Hitler’s war and Stalin’s peace   Masha Gessen 2004
5/23/2018 The Victim’s Fortune John Authers and Richard Wolffe 2002
4/23/2018 The Hours Count Jillian Carter 2015
3/28/2018 The Pious Ones Joseph Berger 2014
2/26/2018 Out of Egypt: a memoir André Aciman 2007
1/31/2018 The Marriage of Opposites Alice Hoffman 2015
1/3/2018 All Other Nights Dara Horn 2010
11/29/2017 Letting it Go Miriam Katin 2013
11/1/2017 Crossing Broadway Robert Snyder 2015

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