Hebrew Tabernacle Board Resolution on Immigration Justice (2021)

We at Hebrew Tabernacle endorse this campaign and these principles from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism:  Today, we face the enormous challenges posed by our nation’s broken immigration system. Over 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of our communities across North America. Families face up to decades-long backlogs in acquiring visas, workers are left without protections, and children are left behind as parents are deported. We can no longer delay reform of our immigration system based on streamlined processing, a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers and TPS holders, upholding the right to seek asylum, family reunification, just and humane border security, and an end to immigrant detention. 

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Why Hebrew Tabernacle is committed to immigration justice

Our congregation was founded by Jewish immigrants and became a home for refugees from Hitler and survivors of the Holocaust, primarily from Germany.  Our community includes 2nd and 3rd generations from this wave and families with more recent migrants from Latin America, Asia and Europe. We reside in Northern Manhattan, with the largest concentration of Dominicans outside the Dominican Republic, and we stand with all our immigrants neighbors and families. 

Our Past Advocacy for Immigrants and Immigration Justice

  • Writing to the Trump administration to protest the separation of children and parents at the border.
  • Event to document Deaths near the Border
  • Hebrew Tabernacle members participated in the local Action Potluck group that helped support with food the undocumented families who took sanctuary in the Church of the Holy Rood, in our neighborhood.  We also participated in rallies in support of these families.
  • Hebrew Tabernacle organized and hosted an Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration from 2013 to 2019, under the leadership of Rabbi Jeffrey Gale.  These large community gatherings celebrated the racial, religious and ethnic diversity of the Washington Heights/Inwood communities and our unity in support of immigrants and immigration justice and in opposition to discrimination and hate.  Our partners in this celebration included Uptown Community Church, Ft. Tryon Jewish Center, Nuevas Buenas, Beth Am – the People’s Temple, Ft. Washington Collegiate Church, Our Saviour’s Atonement, a Native American spiritual leader, Inwood Church, a Muslim Imam, the Gathering Harlem, Covenant Church of the Heights, and Trinity Grace Church.

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