Beautiful Cemetery Plots Are Available

A Jewish Tradition

Did you know that it is an ancient Jewish custom to purchase a gravesite during one’s lifetime and to own it outright prior to burial? The Bible states explicitly that Abraham bought a grave for Sarah. Likewise, Joseph was buried in the family plot that his father Jacob had acquired in the city of Shechem.

In honoring this tradition Hebrew Tabernacle owns a group of burial plots at the Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, NJ, which is only a short drive from our neighborhood. Our synagogue can make these available to members (at a reduced price of $2,400), as well as to non-members ($3,000).

Contact Us to Learn More

There are still plots available, and we encourage members and friends of our community to contact the office if they want to learn more about this choice at or (212) 568-8304.

Cedar Park Cemetery

The cemetery is located at 735 Forest Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652; their website is:

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