Pay attention that your do not corrupt and destroy My world: If you corrupt it, there is no one to repair it after you. – Midrash, Ecclesiastes Rabba

Hebrew Tabernacle is participating in FAITHS 4 CLIMATE JUSTICE – a global, multi-religious movement that will take place on Sunday, October 17, and Monday, October 18.

Two weeks in advance of climate change talks at the United Nations (U.N.), people from diverse religious groups plan to rise up in a global, grassroots, multi-faith action so that the whole world understands how important this issue is to us. Through two days of peaceful action, we will make it clear to our governments and financial institutions that they must do more, and they must do it faster! 

Sunday, October 17th (1:30 – 2:30PM): We will gather together with local faith groups outside Hebrew Tabernacle to give voice to our support for climate justice! Our values as people of faith clearly connect to the imperative to take care of the earth, and take care of others in need. This is the time for us to lean into those values. This event is for ALL AGES!

We will participate in citywide protests with other people of faith to amplify our message, in advance of the Global Climate Talks taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, November 1st – 12th.

Monday, October 18th Protest at Black Rock Headquarters, 8:30am-10:30am, 55 East 52nd Street, NYC 10055: Why BlackRock? BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and funder of the fossil industry as well as the world’s largest investor in companies tied to deforestation. BlackRock also contributes to major human rights violations, including abusing indigenous territorial rights and displacing communities from their ancestral homelands.

On October 18th, we are calling on BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink to stand by his Jewish values and end BlackRock’s funding of the fossil fuel industry, deforestation, and human rights violations. Specifically, we’re demanding that BlackRock:

  1. Take Climate Action Now, not share plans for the distant future
  2. Stop investing in dirty fossil fuels
  3. Nix the net, maximize the zero
  4. Stop companies from continued destruction of our forests and respect Indigenous rights

Hebrew Tabernacle, is located at 551 Fort Washington Avenue (corner of 185th Street)

To ensure the safety of all participants during the October 17 & 18 activities related to Faiths 4 Climate Justice, please wear a mask and please practice social distancing.

Bringing your own supply of hand sanitizer is recommended!

Share this story, take action today!

Event Sponsors

  • Beth Am – the People’s Temple
  • Ft. Tryon Jewish Center
  • Hebrew Tabernacle Synagogue
  • Holyrood/Santacruz Church
  • Nuevas Buenas Church
  • Our Saviour’s Atonement Church

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