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Delancey Trimble Bat Mitzvah

Saturday April 24th, 2021 10:00 AM

Delancey Elizabeth Trimble was born on 5/3/7 at 9:01pm – but don’t let the full set of odd numbers fool you, she is an even keeled young lady!  She was born here in Manhattan with a full head of red hair.  Delancey has always had a lot to say and has debated weighty issues with her parents since age 4. She moved to the Washington Heights neighborhood in 2008 and spent her childhood playing in Bennett, Javitz and Fort Tryon parks.  At age 6 she pleaded for a pet snake.  Thinking she wasn’t serious, her parents brought her to a farm in Queens and had her hold one.  That backfired … she’s had her snake Noga now for 8 years!  (Noga means snake in Swahili).  At 7 years old she said she’d like to learn to play the flute.  It’s not clear what prompted her interest in the flute, but she’s still playing and has spent the last 5 years in the InterSchool Orchestra program. Delancey loves to perform. She also loves making cardboard props for cosplay and going to museums…not one piece of art will be skipped, she needs to see everything.  Delancey is adventurous, determined, and always asks great questions. She’s also very kind and frequently considers the needs of others before her own.  She loves her younger sister Marlowe, even if she doesn’t always let her onto her side of the room.  Delancey will be starting high school in the fall, we just don’t know where yet! 

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