Chanukah 2021

Virtual Menorahs are now available to order.

It’s time for our Third Annual Virtual Menorah Sale!!!!

It’s that time of year again, it will soon be Chanukah. Hopefully we’ll be able to gather with family and friends to celebrate this year.  But to share in the light and love that this time of year brings we are once again offering  a virtual menorah sale, to send a warm greeting to friends or family. 

Help light our chanukiah, with the purchase of some virtual candles.  Eighteen dollars can symbolically light one candle.  Thirty-six can light two; fifty-four can light three; seventy-two can light four.  Perhaps, you can generously light all eight by contributing one hundred forty-four dollars.

Think of all the people who you missed seeing in person over the last year and a half.  Think of the people with whom you won’t be spending this joyous holiday.  Just because you are apart doesn’t mean that you should forget how much they mean to you.  When you buy a candle and note the recipients of your gift on the form below, the office staff will send an e-card wishing the recipient a happy Chanukah.  What a wonderful way to tell someone you love them AND support Hebrew Tabernacle.  At eighteen dollars a candle this is a most affordable Chanukah gift.

We offer three ways to make your payment:

  1. Use the online form and pay via Zelle using this email,,
  2. Or use the online form and pay by PayPal or credit card
  3. Or mail your payment by check to the Hebrew Tabernacle Office with the information about how many candles you want to buy and the email addresses for the e-card recipients.

Although this fundraiser will run through the end of 2021, the deadline for an e-card to be sent is December 1st.  So, put together your holiday list and send in your e-card requests.


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