Executive Officers

Ralph Selig President RalphSelig
Joan Laufer Vice President  
Mike Klein Vice President  
Rose Ellen Neidish Vice President RoseEllenNeidish
Paul Glassman Treasurer  
Larry Cytryn Associate Treasurer  LarryCytryn
Diana Douglas Secretary  


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets monthly to discuss and act upon synagogue business. The Board greatly values questions, concerns and suggestions from synagogue members.  Please contact a Board Member whom you know to discuss an issue. They are here to serve you. If you are not familiar with any of the Board members listed, please contact the office and your request will be forwarded.

Bernard R. Crystal, Trustee
Lawrence Cytryn, Associate Treasurer

Andy DaSilva, Trustee

Diana Douglas, Secretary

Richard Ehrenreich, Men's Club President
Eva Feist, Trustee
Charles Friedman, Trustee
Lilli Friedman, Trustee
Paul Glassman, Treasurer
Mark Hamburgh, Former President
Rita Hamburgh, Trustee

Desma Holcomb, Trustee

Denny Chern Kelk, Trustee

Michael Klein, Vice President
Ursula Kohlmann, Trustee
Sheldon Koy, Hebrew School Principal 
Joan Serrano Laufer, Vice President
Paula Loscocco, Trustee
Rose Ellen Neidish, Vice President
Morton Orentlicher, Trustee
Fredy K. Seidel, Trustee
Ralph Selig, President
Gary Thalheimer, Trustee
Amy Wittner, Trustee